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About Us


What Are Affirmation Cards?

Positive affirmations, when repeated often, are an amazing tool to combating negativity or self-doubt and encourage confidence, resilience and happiness. A great tool for improving mental health, positive affirmations have helped many individuals overcome difficult situations or give them a more positive outlook on life.

Who we Are and What We are Proud of!

Confident Cards is a brand of daily affirmation card decks focused on supporting individuals who feel alone or are in need of encouragement to find and tap into their inner strength with confidence. Confident Cards was formed in 2020 after Diane, our founder, overcame postpartum depression (PPD) while discovering a lack of meaningful support items for new moms who feel alone or struggling. After living the experience of the power of positive affirmations and how big of an impact they made for her mental health, she set out to create what didn’t exist, which were daily affirmation cards for moms specifically targeted towards positive mental health and reliance on inner wisdom. With that, The Confident Mom Daily Affirmation and Encouragement Card deck was born! We are expanding our line of affirmation cards to support other challenging areas of life, many of which people have limited support resources or feel shame in asking for support, in 2022.

We are proudly:

  • 100% Women Owned
  • Locally Designed
  • Sustainably Manufactured (recycled materials, sustainable ink printing & Forest Stewardship Council Certified)
  • Driven by Social Good and Positive Mental Health
  • Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Business Practices


About Our Founder

Diane is a passionate warrior and advocate for cultivating inner-resilience and being vulnerably honest with her story in the hopes of making sure no one feels alone in their current life circumstances. In addition to founding and running Confident Cards, Diane is a mother of two, licensed Civil Engineer, Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer survivor, avid dancer, disco lover and a hype-woman-style motivational speaker. Diane has big plans to continue expanding Confident Cards to include daily affirmation cards for many of life's big, challenging and sometimes lonely moments based on her life experiences of when we need meaningful support the most. She continues to create each card affirmation and design herself with the encouraging and empowering words she wishes she heard during her life.

Diane is passionate about opening a dialogue around authentic motherhood and life experiences through inspirational, motivational and often witty messages by sharing her own journey and is available for speaking engagements. Reach out to for more information.